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Detroit Fintech Association Hosts Networking Event: 'It's A Golden Age Of Investment And Inn

The city of Detroit embodies a thriving culture of technology-driven financial services that continues to grow and transform over time.

The Detroit Fintech Association, a nonprofit trade organization founded by Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick, is comprised of entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and investors within the financial technology sector, and focuses on developing and improving financial literacy through quarterly networking events, mentorship matchmaking and job fairs.

What Happened

The Detroit Fintech Association hosted a networking event Aug. 22 at TechTown Detroit. Roughly 50 fintech professionals attended the networking event such as Aptiv PLC APTV 0.6%’s Nicole Pettiway and Graduates Unbound's Andrew Darlington and Matthew Stelmach.

In a speed networking fashion, fintech professionals were able to connect with other prominent individuals in 3-minute sessions. Establishing quick exchanges gave attendees the opportunities to ask specific questions, seek advice or make a professional connection.

The event also featured updates from DFA founder Raznick, TechTown’s Paul Riser and Detroit Fintech Bay's Maissan Al Maskati.

Why It’s Important

Riser emphasized fintech’s presence and growth potential in Detroit.

“No one questions that this is a historic and truly unique time in Detroit’s evolution. What we also know and realize here is that fintech is in the midst of a golden age of investment and innovation,” Riser told Benzinga after the event.

“Partnerships between Techtown, Detroit Fintech Association and others in the region are critical to capitalizing upon the intersection of these two elements. The energy presented at the DFA meeting was one more intentional step in that direction.”

What’s Next

The next Benzinga Fintech Summit is Nov. 14 in San Francisco and will include commentary from key players in the most innovative technologies in finance, such as bank leaders, tech giants, and startups.

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