FinTech Consortium annouces the launch of InQvest Partners and its US$100 million Global Fintech Fun

Bahrain: Fintech Consortium announces the launch of its global fintech investment platform, InQvest Partners, which has also established a presence at Bahrain Fintech Bay, further committing to the Kingdom.

InQvest Partners will pursue investments and deploy capital through its debut investment vehicle, InQvest Fintech Holdings, a s well as its US$100 million Global Fintech Fund, which is backed by regional and international institutions and investor groups, including local institutional partners in Bahrain.

InQvest Partners, through Fintech Consortium’s global presence in Singapore, New York and Bahrain, is focused on investing in Fintech opportunities in the United States and Europe, as well as the fast-growing markets of South-East Asia and the GCC. It offers a unique proposition that would support its investments in financial technology and facilitates their growth and deployment across markets.

Gerben Visser, Founder of Fintech Consortium and CEO of InQvest Partners said “We believe that InQvest Partners is very well positioned to leverage on the network, domain expertise and operational capabilities that FinTech Consortium has developed over recent years. Furthermore, we have been fortunate to work along-side bright, talented and driven FinTech entrepreneurs, assist them in the early stages of their growth journey, and through InQvest Partners to add growth capital to compliment those relationships is tremendously exciting and rewarding.”

Maissan Al Maskati, Chairman of Fintech Consortium Bahrain and InQvest Partners said “We are pleased to make this announcement today and build on the success Fintech Consortium has had in supporting and nurturing Fintech innovation. Through a dedicated and global fintech investment platform we will be able to further the offering of our hub network across North America, Asia and the Middle East, and accelerate Fintech firms through their next phase of growth”

About InQvest Partners (“IQP”)

InQvest Partners invests mainly with early stage FinTech companies from North America, Western Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. InQvest Partners focuses on FinTech companies which are in the early stage or growth stage of the lifecycle.

InQvest Partners and its general partners have substantial experience working with companies in the Early Stage and Growth Stage and have cofounded a number of companies over the last 15 years and guided several portfolio companies to successful exits.

In particular, InQvest Partners has a track record of building global businesses and successful international teams, requiring cross-border exposure and virtual collaboration.

InQvest Partners has team members and offices in Singapore, New York and Bahrain.

Further information:

Jolyn Goh, InQvest Partners


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