About Us

Tech Investments

InQvest Partners invests mainly with early-stage Tech companies. 


Focus on Tech companies that are in the early stage or growth stage of the lifecycle.


Substantial experience working with companies in the Early Stage and Growth Stage and have co-founded a number of companies over the last 10 years.


Track record of building global businesses and successful international teams, requiring cross-border exposure and virtual collaboration.

InQvest Partners is headquartered in Singapore.


Global Reach & Network

  • Sophisticated network of investors and entrepreneurs

  • Access to global FinTech ecosystem


High Quality Deal Flow


  • Leverage on our platform, network, expertise and toolkits




  • Scalable growth

  • Selected portfolio company receives support to ensure success




  • Maximized endpoint value and overall returns

  • Access to global FinTech ecosystem

Partner with Us


  • We have gained extensive knowledge across the FinTech industry

  • We are experienced investors and operators in Seed & Series A companies

  • We have expertise doing deals in the markets we operate in and sectors we focus on


  • We have strong network of connection within the ecosystem

  • Many of the next big tech companies will originate outside the USA

  • Positioned to find the next big idea anywhere

  • We have access to the global Tech ecosystem


Our Investment Process

  • Review of opportunities based on secondary research

  • Validation of research and facts

  • Leverage our FinTech networks and expertise

  • Lead expansion and develop strategic partnerships

  • Advice and mentorship about fundraising and recruiting personnel

  • Leverage tools and platforms to improve efficiency and productivity

  • Improve product and customize according to needs of the markets

  • Early stage Tech companies

  • Investment range from $0.5M - $2,5M

  • Seed & Series A stage startups

  • Leverage strategic investor positioning

  • Leverage VC network

  • Leverage cross-border opportunities

  • Trade sale

  • IPO

  • M&A