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Tech Investments

InQvest Partners invests mainly with early-stage Tech companies. 


Focus on Tech companies that are in the early stage or growth stage of the lifecycle.


Substantial experience working with companies in the Early Stage and Growth Stage and have co-founded a number of companies over the last 10 years.


Track record of building global businesses and successful international teams, requiring cross-border exposure and virtual collaboration.

InQvest Partners is headquartered in Singapore.

Build a portfolio across the Tech Industry

  • Focus on early-stage companies

  • Diversify portfolio to reduce concentration risk

  • Leveraging various platforms, expertise and toolkits

Investment Range: $0.5M - $2,5M

  • Seed & Series A

  • Minimal ‘professional’ competition

  • Significant minority position

Companies at an Inflection Point 

  • Invest in companies to disrupt

  • Focus on companies growing strongly

  • Focus on global scalable growth


Timely Exits

  • Clear exit strategies within 3 – 7 years

  • Maximize endpoint value and overall return

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